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Personal Trainer in The Heart Of Sheffield, Located at Cemetery Road - Just Behind Eccelsall Road - Appointment Only and Private Personal Training Gym

Are You Ready For Results?

*Dad of two, Andy dropped 42lbs in just 12 weeks of CMP transformation coaching!

*Ruth turned back the clock, and lost 30lbs, to look phenomenal at 60!

*Selina lost 22lbs and almosy half her total body fat in just 13 weeks!

* Lance Dropped 38lbs in 16 weeks to complete his first ever photoshoot!

* Mel completely transformed her body fat and confidence in just 12 weeks!

* Tom came to CMP struggling to gain muscle! After 12 weeks, Tom is in the shape of his life

Tell us more about your goals on the form and we'll be in touch to discuss how we can help you become our next successful client transformation!

Results Focused Premier Personal Training 


Our world class private gym caters for all types of clients and levels of fitness, no matter your starting position.

We specialize in fat loss, muscle building and body transformations! 

Our culture and environment is focused only on helping you achieve one thing; results.

It's your body, health and fitness. TRANSFORMED.

Here's How Our Transformation Program Works

Proven System For Results

Our Transformation Programming is designed to help maximize your results and produce workouts that actually create changes in your body!

Your programs are created 12 weeks in advance so that you never stagnate and always make progress.

We'll remove the guess work and give you a specific program to follow so that you finally see the results you want.

Tailored Nutrition That Works

Nutrition for fat loss is much more specific than following a 'diet'. And what works now, won't work in four weeks time.

Combined with our Transformation Programming, your nutritional plans are tweaked and changed throughout your coaching to make sure you results are in sight.

Private & Premier Personal Training

Our Personal Training gyms are like no other!

Our business is results, not gym memberships and so you're afforded a world class, luxury gym that offers you the chance of getting the most from your personal training transformation sessions without ever wasting your valuable gym time, waiting for equipment or feeling uncomfortable.

Are You Ready For Results?

Tell us more about your goals on the form below and we'll be in touch to discuss how we can help you become our next successful client transformation!

*Do You Want results like these?

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*More amazing client transformations

* Kalyan achieved the body he'd been trying to achieve for years in just 120 days!

* Rachel swapped fad diets for proper nutrition and achieved this result in just 10 weeks

* Gemma achieved results in 11 weeks that she hadn't ever seen through our transformation program.

*This lady dropped 35lbs in just 20 weeks!

* Ben lost 32lbs in just 12 weeks to achieve this fantastic result

* Becky achieved her first ever photoshoot transformation result in just 12 weeks!

* Chaaya lost 57lbs in 3 years, finally putting emotional eating and yo-yo dieting to an end

* Paul achieved spectacular results in just 12 weeks and a six pack at 40!

* Nicole dropped belly fat for good, swapping cardio for weights and interval training

Meet Tim

Tim lost a whopping 30lbs in weight and 3 shirt sizes following the CMP Personal Training Program despite running five business and providing for his young family.

*Here is Tim's Transformation Story.

Meet Sarah

Sarah dropped an amazing five dress sizes and 26lbs in just 12 weeks by training in our private personal training gym and following her tailored nutritional plan.

*Here's what her transformation meant to her.

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*DISCLAIMER - Results will vary. Whilst we will give you the tools for success, your results are 100% dependent on the commitment you show them.