The Personal Trainer Body Transformation Mastermind

In One Day Through A Comprehensive and Complete PT Mastermind, You Will Learn The Skills Needed To Become An Elite Personal Trainer

  • Discover How and Why The Emotional Cycle Your Clients Are In, Dictates The Results You and Your Client Want 
  • Learn My Nutrition and Exercise Programming Secrets Behind Our Impressive Portfolio Of Results. HINT; Most Personal Trainers Are Getting This Wrong
  • Discover how to build and systemize every aspect of your personal training business so that you can PREDICT client success and your diary
  • Discover MY Marketing and Advertising campaigns that keep my private gym of personal trainers busy and full year round.
  • Begin to understand the physiological and psychological journey's both you and your clients will go on to achieve the successes you want
  • Simply put, learn the skills needed to stand out from the crowd in a saturated industry of personal trainers

You Will Spend The Full Day With Leading UK Fitness Business Owner, Chris Mason

Results Like These Are Possible With Your Clients If You Have The Relevant Skills As A Personal Trainer

​What You Will Be Learning

Personal Trainer Mastermind 

9am - 10am -Delving Deep Into Your ‘Avatar’, Business Model and How To Refine Your Services To Reach The Right Audience

10am –11am -  Understanding Your Client’s Motives and ‘Why’ – How To Go From Average Results To Exceptional Results and Keep A Diary Full Of Happy Customers (Adherence Strategies)

11am – 12noon - Resistance Profiles Of The Exercises You’re Going To Use With Your Clients – What To Look For And How To Optimise

12noon - 12.30 - Lunch Break

12.30 - 2pm -  Fat Loss Metabolism and Nutritional Strategies For Results

2pm - 3pm – Periodisation / Organisation of Training Systems For Transformation Results

3pm - 4pm – YOUR Results Based Personal Training Session with Me personally. 

4pm – 5pm – New Client / Lead Gen Strategies – Q and A on Business / Marketing / Personal Training / Systems / Anything You Want To Know or Ask

FINISH – Go Home, Recover and Level Up Your Personal Training Skills, Client Base and Career.

Take Your Understanding Of How To Help Your Clients Achieve Phenomenal Results To The Next Level

Here are just some of the topics we will cover during the mastermind.

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