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Seriously, Do You Think You'll Struggle To Build A Thriving Personal Training Business If You're Producing Results Like These?


The landscape of personal training is CHANGING.

Your customers are expecting MORE.

They want you to;

  • Help them achieves results faster than ever, however realistic or unrealistic you might think their goals are!
  • Designed their gym programs and have a real idea of HOW you're going to get them the results they crave 
  • Tell them EXACTLY what to eat and when, with a clear understanding from you as to why they should follow your plans
  • Explain to them why they should part with their hard earned money, rather than join slimming world for £5 a week
  • Be the expert they NEED. They're relying on you to help change their life and results.
  • Provide a return on their INVESTMENT. No longer will your prospective clients pay for just 'sessions', they want RESULTS and if they don't get them? You'll have more free time in your diary than you want.

And they want you to do all of this regardless of whether you're just newly qualified and finding your feet in the industry or if you're an excellent personal trainer with a great portfolio of results.

And without doubt, the pressure is on my friend.

If you want to stand out and build a successful PT business, you're going to need more than just your Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification

and this is where the problem lies


Which makes your job of standing out, harder and harder each year.

You end up forever stuck in the HUSTLE and grind.

Working the gym floor endlessly and offering free sessions to everyone and anyone you come into contact with, who don't show even though it's free!

Starting Facebook and Instagram pages to post content but not knowing what to write and shooting YouTube videos that NO ONE is engaging in or even worse... 

you ARE getting likes but you're not getting clients who pay for your services.

then you find yourself in scarcity mode and start hanging around the gym for hours 'just in case' you happen to make a booking.

It's frustrating, demoralizing and is why most personal trainers QUIT.

You're struggling to get sessions with clients and then when you do, you're not sure how to help them achieve the results that they're seeing trainers like me and my gyms achieve.

It's tough!

But it doesn't have to be and without a doubt, the potential for your personal training business can be unlocked (more on that later....) 

How I Know All Of This

Because i was once where you are now and have experience the good, the bad and the ugly of the fitness industry over the last 12 years and emerged from the dark times with a strong business than produce the best body transformation results in my area and i can help you too.

I've built a strong fitness business and find myself, through hard work and well over £70k worth of investment, in a position that most personal trainers would like to be; With a strong business, a constant flow of clients and a predictable income.

learn how to fast track your personal training career and the skills that took me from struggling commercial gym personal trainer to private body transformation personal training fitness business owner!

So, by now you're only still reading here because you actually WANT to become a success as a personal trainer and you WANT to become the best in your area.

Which is great, because what i am about to talk about next could be the breakthrough you need in building the business and career that you want.


One of my own personal goals is help other personal trainers achieve the success and career path that i have in the fitness industry. Because when you are successful, you know how to get results and you're doing everything you can for your clients, the fitness industry is without doubt THE BEST PLACE TO WORK. 

and so, i'd like to tell you more about how you can work with me to help you build the skills and portfolio of results that you're going to need to become the success that i know you could be. 

You will learn;

  • How to rid yourself of offering FREE sessions to everyone and anyone, instead focusing on being PAID for the time you're spending in the gym
  • Why spending a ton of time on social media is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to building your PT business and what you can do instead to leverage your time better.
  • How to identify your 'avatar' and find the people that you love to work with, who are going to work with you long term.
  • My 3 phase approach to body transformations with our personal training clients - NO ONE ELSE IS PREPARED TO SHARE THEIR TRAINING SECRETS WITH YOU. I am, and i'll show you my process, step by step.
  • How to set up systems both in your lead generation strategies and your personal training packages so that you can PREDICT and PROJECT income and results.
  • Which training systems produce the BEST results with general population clients (who are going to make up 90% of your PT income). You'll be put through one of these systems by me personally too 🙂
  • Why most personal trainer advertising and marketing DOESN'T work, and the strategies that i use to acquire 60+ personal training leads each and every month
  • Plus much much more throughout the day.

Simply put, this is your chance to learn how to by pass other personal trainers in your gym and accelerate your  growth so that you're a personal trainer who gets results, never panics about where their next clients is coming from and finally build a long lasting personal training business.

The internship will be held at my private personal training gym in Sheffield, 376 Cemetery Road, Sharrowvale, Sheffield, S11 8FT and will start at 9am and end at 5pm with an 30 minute break for lunch.

 Please note: The gym will also be busy with my coaches and clients training at the same time.

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Who YOU Need To Be To Qualify

Let me be honest here.

Just as you don't want to work with clients who only ever ask about the 'cost' of personal training but never hire you, i'm not looking for time wasters either. I have a very busy business that means if i am to teach you these strategies that will help catapult your career, you have to be like i was when i was just starting out and how i am even more so now...


There is just one person that can put the work in that means your knowledge base, ability as a coach and your personal training career becomes a roaring success; YOU.

So, if you're ready to take the next step in your personal training development, fill out the enquiry form on this page and i'll be in touch to see how we can help you become one of the UK's next body transformation coaches. 

* Once your application has been received, i will call you personally on the number provided to run through your application questions and to identify if you would be a suitable fit for the internship

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