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Personal Trainer Private Internship

Learn How to These Type of rESULTS WITH YOUR CLIENTS

Many of you reading this now will be in a position as a trainer where you're trying to learn everyday in order to get better as a trainer and have a stronger business or income from the people that you work with.

You want to learn how to deliver better results to your clients so that you can A) get more clients and more results and B) build a strong and successful personal training career.

I know this because i was once where you are now and have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of the fitness industry over the last 11 years and paid for the privilege.

I've personally invested thousands of pounds in certifications, workshops, private internships, muscle camps, seminars with the who's who of the fitness industry which has not only develop the knowledge that i have to be able to help everyday people achieve fantastic results, those investments have helped me build and develop my very own transformation system and personal training brand. 

And now i am in a position where i am able to give back and help you fast track your own career when you invest in yourself with a private personal training internship with me personally at my private gym in Sheffield.

Internship Details

The internship will be held at my private personal training gym in Sheffield, 376 Cemetery Road, Sharrowvale, Sheffield, S11 8FT and will start at 9am and end at 5pm with an 30 minute break for lunch.

You will be trained by me personally twice throughout the day. 

The AM workout will be based around a phase one training session for a general population transformation client.

The PM workout will be another workout based around accelerating results for your clients beyond the initial weight loss phase. 

Feel free to bring food and fluids with you to be consumed throughout the day. 

Please note: The gym will also be busy with my coaches and clients training at the same time.

* Once your application has been received, i will call you personally on the number provided to run through your application questions and to identify if you would be a suitable fit for the internship

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