There Are Two Problems EVERY Personal Trainer Has Right Now, And It's Killing Your PT Career

These two things?

They're the sole reason you're not happy with being a personal trainer right now.

You know you WANT to be a successful PT or that you want your own personal training gym to be PACKED full of happy clients that get awesome results and pay on time

But for some reason, it's just not working out the way you thought it would.

The hours are longer and clients train only at either the START or the END of the day, meaning you're up early and home late

(Which is shite if you have kids or want to start a family FYI)

You're walking the gym floor constantly, just hanging around wasting time in between

You're completely pissed off with giving away free sessions, only to have the same old excuses of;

 'i'll think about it'

'i haven't got the time'

or the most frequent one of all 'i can't afford it'

and the clients that you do end up working with, just can't be bothered to do the work to get results!

You know in your own heart that you're not charging enough to cover your rent and bills enough as it is and you're finding that being a personal trainer is a constant grind

This is NOT the personal training career or business that you wanted and you're scared that you might have to give up something you love because frankly, it's not giving you a secure future.

How I Know This

My name is Chris Mason, Owner of one of the UK's leading private personal training business; CMPGyms.

I walked the long journey from struggling commercial gym PT to owning an independent 'proper' business that thrives 

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How Would You Feel If In One Day I Could Teach YOU

1. How To Achieve Head Turning Transformation Results With Your Clients That BUILD Your Reputation As The Best Trainer For People To Buy From?

2. How To Build Systems and Packages That Allow You to PREDICT Your Income Each and Every Month 

(So You're No Longer Just Scraping By Or Scared To Have Time Off)


3. How To Leverage Facebook (and other media) To Generate A Consistent Flow Of Leads Into Your PT Business 

(That Means No Longer Having To Offer Endless Free Sessions To People Who NEVER Convert Into Clients)

You'd be pretty happy right?

And it would help to solve a LOT of problems that you have in your personal training business, for sure.

In truth, you will NEVER see a real fitness business owner by prepared to give you their exact BLUEPRINT for success in the way that i am with my own mastermind personal trainer clients

But you will see a LOT of internet marketers and nearly Men who've never owned fitness businesses try to sell you their online courses for 10x the amount of money you'll invest in yourself with me ; )

So in just ONE DAY, at my private gym in Sheffield,  i aim to help save you a journey that took me 12 YEARS so that you don't have to continue the personal training struggle and can build the business of your dreams that will not fail.

Honestly, You Won't Struggle In Personal Training If You Put RESULTS and Not Gimmicks Or 'Marketing Strategies' At The Heart Of EveryThing You Do

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