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you're about to work with one of the uk's most profilic results based personal training teams.

Here's how our body transformation program works.


We Need find out what we need to know about you and your starting position

To achieve amazing results requires amazing planning and here is where we will start. 

In your first appointment we will find out everything that we need to know about your in order to build your training programs and nutritional systems.

We'll ask about your goals, your abilities, your recent training and dietary past

We will take your starting photos and measurements and tell you honestly from a body fat perspective where you're starting from and how much change is needed to achieve the results you want.

We will then design a 12 or 20 week system based around achieving a certain target by the end of the first phase based on our assessment of your starting position. This includes my proven exercise and nutritional programs to achieve the very best results. 


YOU'll be Assigned a proven coach

We're regarded as one of the best in the U.K. for general population transformations!

We work with the hardest to transform group of clientele who are usually time poor but responsibility rich. That means that you have zero time to waste and need some to take charge of your transformation. 

Therefore you will be assigned to one of my coaches who has been extensively taught my proven resutls based systems to deliver results.


Accountability and education

Outside of your personal training package there will be expectations and support.

Depending on your package, you will have a program to follow outside of the gym and will also have access to our online accountability platform so that we're in constant communication and we're receiving the feedback we need to know you're on track.

You'll also recieved educational videos, eBooks, information packs and recipe guides alongside links to articles we have created to give you the support you need.


World Class Private Personal training Gym

As mentioned, your personal training appointments will be held in our private, high end personal training facility.

This will provide a much needed opportunity to experience real training without limitations and without having to share your gym space with others.

Also, this makes keeping you safe ten time easier in the middle of a pandemic as you're not exposed to many people and all cleaning is completed by us in every session.



As you continue to work with us, you'll discover the real key to staying in shape is what you do after you've achieved the results that you want.

We'll discuss important factors such as metabolic adaption and reverse dieting so that you have all you need to know about staying in shape for life.

Let's take a look at the results you could be achieving.

Top 16 Male Transformations

Ed lost 43lbs in just 12 weeks!

Tom achieved a six pack for the first time in his life!

Louis lost 28lbs and a whole lot of belly fat in 16 weeks.

Lance lost 38lbs and achieved the shape of his life in 16 weeks!

Usman achieved a phenomenal transformation in just 12 weeks!

Businessman Tim, lost 30lbs and his belly in just 30 weeks!

Ben lost 32lbs and finally lost the weight holding him back in just 12 weeks!

Andy lost 43lbs and went from a XXL to a medium in just 12 weeks!

Doctor, Richard got into the shape of his life in just 12 weeks for his firts ever photoshoot!

Gene lost 30lbs, built lean muscle and completely transformed his body in just 24 weeks.

Seb achieved defined abs and lost belly fat in just 8 weeks!

Vegetarian, Andy, got into the shape of his life in just 12 weeks!

Paul achieve results in his 50's that he never thought would be possible.

Personal Trainer Jay, was coached into the shape of his life through our systems.

Stuart lost 26lbs and went from a XXL to a medium shirt size in 14 weeks.

Top 16 Female Transformations

Jo lost 48lbs and and 3 dress sizes in just 31 weeks!

Charlotte lost a whopping 33lbs in just 12 weeks to completely drop the belly fat overhang!

Alison lost 21lbs and got her body confidence back in just 12 weeks!

Personal Trainer, Becky, got into shape for her first ever photoshoot!

Selina lost 3 dress sizes and 24lbs in just 13 weeks!

Rachael capped off her weight loss journey by getting into a size 10 from a 30!

Single mum of one, Julie, got into the shape of her life in 12 weeks!

Chaaya lost 57lbs and 5 dress sizes in just 3 years!

Nicole completely lost her belly fat in just 12 weeks!

Linda lost 21lbs in 13 weeks at the age of 60!

Mel achieved her leanest shape yet and finally felt happy in her body in just 12 weeks!

Mum of three Rachael got her body back to where she wanted it in just 10 weeks!

Shelley lost weight, totally transformed her shape and body confidence and even took part in her first even phoyoshoot in her 40's!

Michaela achieved her dream physique in just 12 weeks!

Working Mum and solicitor, Sarah lost 28lbs in just 16 weeks!



Our Top Package For Results

For those who are serious about results and want to go all in on finally seeing their body change and learning how.

Our fastest program to transform your body, health and fitness.

Advanced Fat Loss Programming

Weekly Progress Assessments

4x Weekly Sessions with a CMP Transformation Coach plus one set cardio program to follow alongside

Results expected within 12 weeks (start position dependant)

£880 Per Month (Minimum 12 weeks Commitment)

Level Up


Expectation of results with more responsibility on you to complete the workouts and implement the plan.

Tailored Exercise and Diet Plans for Results

Bi - Weekly Progress Assessments

3x Weekly Sessions with a CMP Transformation Coach plus two more programs to follow alongside your coaching (cardio and weight training based)

Results expected within 16 weeks (start position dependant)

£660 Per Month (Minimum 12 weeks Commitment)

What About After Your Transformation?


Two weekly sessions with your CMP Coach plus at least two more by you in your gym following our programs to help you successfully keep the results you've achieved without having to go it completely alone

Tailored training and nutritional plans for you to follow in your own gym or at home

Progress assessments every 3-4 weeks

Continued support and guidance from your coach

£450 Per Month (rolling commitment)

Package available after completion of your initial transformation package