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Women’s Transformation Results

Sarah lost 26lbs and four dress sizes with our coaching program!

Shelley kicked belly fat into touch in just 12 weeks!

Ruth dropped 32lbs and 3 dress sizes to look fantastic at 60 years young!

Chaaya lost 57lbs and five dress sizes in 3 years, beating emotional eating for good.

Kath finally got rid of her belly fat and learnt how to keep it off!

Personal trainer Becky, hired us to help her get into shape for her first ever photoshoot!

*Complete our application form about and we'll invite you to our private personal training gym for a free consultation to see how we can help you achieve the results you're looking for

want to see more results?

*Complete our application form about and we'll invite you to our private personal training gym for a free consultation to see how we can help you achieve the results you're looking for

*Complete our application form about and we'll invite you to our private personal training gym for a free consultation to see how we can help you achieve the results you're looking for

Men’s Transformation Results

Tim lost over 30lbs in just 30 weeks despite frequent travel and running multiple businesses.

Sheffield Teacher Usman achieve six pack abs for the first time in his life!

Lukasz lost a whopping 62lbs in 24 weeks through our coaching program!

Paul lost body fat and built muscle to feel his best in his 40's!

Ben lost 32lbs in just 12 weeks despite never lifting weights before!

Keen runner, Mike, shed body fat and built muscle to improve his times and performance!

*Complete our application form about and we'll invite you to our private personal training gym for a free consultation to see how we can help you achieve the results you're looking for

want to see more results?

*Complete our application form about and we'll invite you to our private personal training gym for a free consultation to see how we can help you achieve the results you're looking for

*Complete our application form about and we'll invite you to our private personal training gym for a free consultation to see how we can help you achieve the results you're looking for

The Busy Gym Survival Kit

Every year it's exactly the same, 

The gym was empty in December, but crazily busy in January.

So busy that you can't find a bench free in the weights area, the dumbbells you want to use are always taken and the treadmills are either full or have the last persons sweat dripping all over them.

Without doubt, this is a scenario you'll be encountering

Which is crazily frustrating when you're now ready to build muscle, drop fat and improve your fitness but can't seem to create a productive workout that fits your goals.

I mean, are you really going to be able to achieve head turning results when this is what you see when you walk in the gym?

So what do you do? 

Miss the training session?

Come back another day?

Quit all together?

No, no no.

You're going to use the busy gym survival kit that i am about to share with you instead!

Perform Straight set work

Say your main goal right now is to lose body fat and you're training 3x per week. Your best approach would be to train each and every muscle group in every session that you do. 

Straight set work is where you simply pick an exercise and don't move onto the next exercise until you've completed all your sets and reps. This works really well when the gym is busy and you cannot superset exercises or perform circuits.

This could look like this;

A. Chest Press - 3 sets - 8 reps - 60s rest

B. Seated Row - 3 sets - 8 reps - 60 rest

C. Shoulder Press Machine - 3 sets - 8 reps - 60s rest

D. Face Pulls - 3 sets - 8 reps - 60s rest

E. Lying Leg Curls - 3 sets - 8 reps - 60s rest

F. Leg Press - 3 sets - 8 reps - 60s rest


Grab a pair of dumbbells for the exercise that you're weakest at and perform the following as dumbbell circuits. That's just you and a pair of dumbbells - nothing else.

Circuit One

A1. Floor Chest Press

A2. DB Bent Over Rows

A3. DB Squats 

A4. DB Deadlift

3 sets - 8 reps - 60s rest

Circuit Two

A1. Shoulder Press

A2. Lunges

A3. DB Upright Rows

A4. Single Leg DB Deadlift

3 sets - 8 reps - 60s rest

BARBELL Complexes

Granted, you might have an easier time finding a pair of dumbbells rather than an olympic barbell but if you do happen to walk into the gym and the only piece of kit free is a barbell then complexes are the workout you'll do to elevate your metabolism and kick start fat loss.

Whilst these are a little more technical, here's how you do them.

Again start with the weight for the exercise that you can lift the least on.

Circuit One

A1. Deadlift

A2. Bent Over Rows

A3. Cleans

A4. High Pulls

3 sets -  8 reps -  60s rest

Circuit Two 

A1. Back Squats 

A2. Shoulder Press

A3. Bent Over Rows

A4. Deadlift

3 sets -  8 reps -  60s rest

Body Weight Circuits

Let's say for whatever reason you can't make the gym or you've tried and it was that busy that you couldn't even perform the above routines. Here's a body weight circuit for you to try. Here you could perform straight sets (A, B, C), Supersets (A1 + A2, B1 +B2) or Circuits (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5) - just split the exercises up into the way you want to order them.

A1. Forward Lunges

A2. Press Ups 

A3. Squats

A4. Shoulder Pikes / Plank Walk Outs

A5. Planks 

A6. Superman Back Extensions

A7. Side Planks

A8. Sprints On The Spot 

3 sets - 20 to 30 seconds on each - 60 to 90s rest

Intervals / Cardio

Right after you've completed your weights / resistance training workout, here are some cardiovascular options to pick to finish up the productive workout in style that you would have other wise missed.

Sprint Intervals

20s as fast as possible - 60s recovery - 5 to 10 times

300 metre rows as fast as possible - 60 to 90s recovery - 4 to 6 times

Steady State Cardio

15 - 20 minutes continuous - 7 out of 10 effort level (not too fast that you're too breathless to continue but not too slow that you don't feel like you're having to put any effort into it)

So there you have it.

Many options to pick from even if your gym is too busy for a conventional workout!

If you found this useful please feel free to share this article with friends or family that might find it useful too!

Now if you do happen to find that the day you visit the gym is a little clearer and you can complete a harder workout, be sure to check out the next two articles;

German Body Composition Training

My Top Ten Tips For A Body Transformation Result

Speak Soon, 


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Does Eating Bread Make You Gain Weight?

Let's be honest,

There are some foods that you're just not 100% sure on whether you should be eating them or not if you're trying to improve your health, shape and fitness.

When you do eat these foods you sometimes feel guilty, like you have no will power and you also feel like your hard work has gone right out the window.

And there's not many foods that garners as much opinion of whether it is 'good' or 'bad' that good old fashioned, BREAD.

So what's the first thing that pops into your head when i ask, does bread make you fat?

and can it be included on a transformation diet?


It's seems you're split.

A recent poll i ran over on the Chris Mason Performance Facebook page told me that 53% did in fact believe that bread made you gain weight and or body fat.

So what's the deal with the loaf?

what actually is bread?

Structurally speaking, bread is combination of mostly carbohydrate, some protein, a little fat and fibre.

The type of carbohydrate is a complex carbohydrate.

Complex carbohydrates are a combination of simple sugars molecules bonded together in long and complex chains.

Compared to the faster to digest simple sugars (that structurally are one to two sugar molecules known as monosaccharides and disaccharides), complex carbohydrates have much more of an impact on blood sugar levels, create feelings of fullness and slow down digestive transit time.

So What is The Difference between White and Wholegrain Bread?

The key difference between wholegrain bread and white breads is the milling process that occurs to create white bread essentially removes the bran and germ leaving only the endosperm.

When the bran and germ are lost, so are important nutrients such as fibre (which is important for a healthy digestive and excretory system as well as being pivotal for decreasing hunger levels) alongside important vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants.

The process that creates white versions of our favourite foods such as breads, pasta, rice, noodles, crackers, flours to create confectioneries and pastries means that you're left with not as much of the good stuff compared to the wholegrain versions.

Essentially what's happened during that process is all the good stuff that contribute to our health and well-being are lost and refined part of the foods are left.

We already know that the more refined or 'simple' the food sources are blood sugars are likely to rise and fall faster, energy slumps are more common, hunger and sugar cravings are greater and you don't have the same feelings of fullness compared to the versions of those foods that have been left structurally intact. 

But does Bread Make You Fat Though?

In a word..... No it doesn't! 

Not one singular food has the ability to make you gain weight just by eating it.

Consuming more calories than you expend is still and will always be the number one reason behind weight and body fat gain.

And unless you're suffering with coeliac or auto-immune disease i wouldn't say that bread cannot be a part of a healthy and active lifestyle. I would just recommend opting for the wholegrain versions of bread over the refined versions of course.

If you want to arm yourself with better information as to how to achieve better results without falling for common nutritional myths and misconceptions here are two articles to help you on your way

Reducing Calories For Fat Loss

My Top Ten Tips For A Body Transformation Result

And if you're struggling to know what to do in the gym for results, grab a copy of my 21 Day KickStart Program for free by dropping your email into the box below.

Feel free to share this with your friends if you found this useful, 

I'm off to eat a sandwich, wholegrain of course 😉

Yours In Health,


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How To Avoid Gaining Weight This Christmas

In my mind Christmas isn't a time to be following a rigid, calorie controlled diet.

The rest of the year, yes.

Christmas, no.

I found this out more so when i dieted over Christmas and the New Year period for a photo shoot once and let me tell you that eating a chicken salad while everyone around eats ALL of the treat you want is zero fun ????

But i'm also a realist and know that most of you are going to want to enjoy the festive period by getting away with putting on as little weight and body fat as possible if you can help it.

Because deep down, we all want to look good or stay looking good ?

So here are 5 tips you can apply straight away to give you the best chance of achieving exactly that over Christmas so you haven't got to start all over again in January.

?️‍♂️ 1. Focus On Wholebody Training Sessions

3-4 times per week to create a greater training effect, stimulate more calorie expenditure, burn more treats and increase muscle protein synthesis through frequent muscle activation. Pair them in a superset fashion like in German Body Composition Training and you're good.

2. Hit Those Big Moves

Bench Presses, Squats, Deadlifts, Pulldowns, Rows, Leg Presses, Chin Ups are in and bicep curls and calf raises are out.

Multi joint and multi muscle exercises that give you more bang for your buck and mean you can be in and out of the gym in no time and really ramp up both your calories burned during the workout and the 'afterburn' (Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption - EPOC) after your workout!

3. Time Your Treats Around After Your Exercise Session. 

After a good workout, the body is able to utilise more calories for repair and growth and is also more able to uptake nutrients more so into muscle cells as you're driving blood flow and influencing the demand for energy there by following points 1 and 2.

This 'recovery' period can stay elevtaed for upto 24hrs, maybe more if you've really hit your workouts hard  so without a doubt ost workout is the ideal place to 'cheat' with your mince pies, christmas cake and brandy snaps​!

4. Do Some Strongman or HIIT At The End Of Your Training Sessions If You Can.

Farmers walks, Sled pushes, Sled drags, Log Carries ?

or jump on a Airbike and hit 10x of 10seconds all out with 50 seconds recovery ?‍♂️

or if you have more time feel free to do some steady state cardio for 20-30 minutes ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Whatever floats your boat / you have time for really.

Here's an article to help you improve your cardio results;

5. Increase Your General Activity. 

Non exercise active thermogenesis (NEAT) accounts for the majority of your calorie expenditure during any given day and is an easy way to burn calories without knowing it.


- take the stairs instead of the lift
- try to hit 10,000 steps per day (especially if you have a sedentary job)
- take the dog on a longer route
- go for a bike ride with the kids
- don't take the car to go to the corner shop ?

Simple stuff that can mean a lot.

6. Cycle Between High Calorie Days and Low Calorie Days

To gain fat you need to be in a constant calorie surplus, that you already know.

But what if we kinda balanced the whole calorie equation out so that we didn't gain as much body fat but still enjoyed Christmas? Well, you could do this for starters that would help.

Alternate between low calorie days where your focus is on foods like lean proteins, veggies, salads and not as many carbs or fats because YOU KNOW you're going to be eating all of the foods come Christmas Day.

22nd - Low Calorie

23rd - Low Calorie

24th - All of the food

25th - All of the food

26th - All of the food

27th - Low Calorie

28th - Low Calorie

Whilst you might not completely balance your intake, you will be going a long way to offsetting putting a lot of body fat on if you eat everything and anything.

And whilst you're here, if you want a headstart for 2018 download your FREE 21 KickStart exercise program by entering your email address below and i will send it over asap.

Call it an early Christmas Present to help get / keep you in shape.

So there you have it, 

Live, love, laugh and be merry this Christmas without watching the scales!

Merry Christmas!


Have you heard of the CMP Transformation Program?

Here are some of the results our clients have achieved!

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How To Lose Stubborn Body Fat

We recently held a poll over on the Chris Mason Performance Facebook page asking YOU which areas of your body you felt were the hardest to change.

And the results are in…

An overwhelming 81% of you find it harder to lose fat from your stomach than you do elsewhere. So, what we’re going to down here is break down (sorry, I couldn’t help it) exactly how you can lose stubborn body fat for good.

Personally, I’ve also always found that the last places to drop for me and my body type are almost always my abdomen and upper back body fat stores.


The thing about the Human body is that it is not too dissimilar to times when we lived in caves, hunted for food and faced the threat of famine, disease or even being eaten or killed ourselves.

From an evolutionary point of view the human genome just hasn’t changed that much, especially not as it relates to fat storage. If there are excess calories available, the body will find a place to store those extra calories for a time when those calories may be needed for fuel or for our very survival.

Mechanistically, it is that simple.

However, what isn’t simple is where we store those extra calories and why we store them there.

To highlight this fact,

Look around your office, your family or your friends and just look how differently we’re all shaped.

And how differently each person stores body fat.

But one thing that we do know is from what we understand about the unique differences between Men and Women as it relates to body fat.


Physiologically speaking, Men and Women are very different.

Some have described Women as being more ‘pear shaped’ and Men more ‘apple shaped’.

Men tend to store more body fat on their abdomen and lower back where as Women tend to store body fat more on their hips, thighs and bum.

At least that’s how it should have been.

However, due to the rise and rise of calorie consumption, inactivity and just generally an all round unhealthy lifestyle Men and Women are starting to take on each other’s body fat storage profile and end up storing body fat in all areas more so than their physiological preferential storage sites.

We also know that in the case of stubborn areas of body fat there are usually more alpha -2 adrenoreceptors in your stubborn areas than there is beta -2 adrenoreceptors. These adrenoreceptors basically influence what goes into and out of the fat cell.

From a simplistic point of view, when these alpha -2 adrenoreceptors and associated enzymes are stimulated on the fat cell more is going IN to be stored than what is going out.  

And so when beta -2 adrenoreceptors and associated enzymes are stimulated on the fat cell more is going OUT to be used as fuel than what is going in.

But here is the kicker;

Whether you’re lean right through to be obese, your body will be carrying anywhere between 40 Billion and 200 Billion fat cells.

That’s a hell of a lot.

And each one of these fat cells has their own adrenoreceptors that YOU are trying to influence in order to lose body fat.


I want to try to make this article actionable and useful rather than confusing and complicated but you also need to know two other important factors when it comes to body fat, stubborn or otherwise.

Of course you will already know that Men and Women produce very different hormones which have very different influences on the body.

Men produce more hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone whereas Women produce more Oestrogen and Progesterone.

Simply put, one person is designed to carry the baby and the other is designed to help provide what’s needed to create the baby.

But this also means that these hormones, along with others, help shape what makes a Man a Man (higher muscle mass, stronger skeletal structure, larger cardiorespiratory system, abdominal adiposity) and a Woman a Woman (lower ability to create muscle, greater fat storage efficiency, smaller skeletal structure and cardio respiratory systems, greater fat storage located near the womb).

But back to fat loss.


The key hormones to consider as it relates to fat loss are catecholamines (adrenalin / noradrenalin) and insulin.

Basically, they have a see-saw relationship that we must understand if you’re going to lose stubborn belly fat.

When catecholamines are high and insulin is low we have a greater chance of these catecholamins binding to the beta -2 ‘switch’ that help us breakdown body fat.

But when catecholamines are high or low but insulin is HIGH we have a greater chance of these catecholamines binding to the alpha -2 ‘switch’ that helps build body fat.

Unless you’re having to inject insulin, guess the one thing that makes our bodies create it the most……



And having fast cake hands is catestrophic if you’re trying to lose fat.

It is even more difficult because;

  • For the most part food is accessible to us 24 / 7.
  • For the most part these foods are hyperpalatable and calorie dense which can stimulate a dopamine like effect, leaving you wanting more.
  • Your friends, family and work colleagues are always offering you cakes, biscuits, buns, sweets because that’s what you normally eat with them.
  • It’s harder to say no than it is to say yes.
  • There is no ‘limit’ on how much food you can consume every day if you wanted to.
  • All foods have varying amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates which can seem confusing to know how much of each you should be eating.
  • Food forms an important part of our social environment.
  • You cope with stress and a busy life by unwinding with food and alcohol.
  • We eat out more which makes us unware of exactly how many calories we eat.
  • We’re constantly tempted to cheat when following a diet.
  • Exercise doesn’t burn anywhere near the number of calories in a session than what you can eat in a ‘treat’ in just 3 minutes.
  • We over estimate how much exercise we do in relation to how many calories we eat.

Feel free to add your own to this list.

And whilst ever there is an overabundance of carbohydrates and fats in the bloodstream from the diet, there is no reason for your body to break down calories from stored body fat.

Unfortunately, to lose fat the answer will always have to be less calories (but not always less food FYI)

Blood Flow

Let’s say that everything is perfect with your bodies ability to breakdown fat (it’s not by the way but let’s go with it).

What happens next?

Well the fats that you’re breaking down from your stubborn body fat stores have to be transported on something. And this is where bloodvessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) come in.

Bloodvessels are very much the road map at which the traffic of bloodflow travels on.

And guess what?

Typically, the most stubborn stores of body fat that you want rid of also have the poorest blood flow.


So two things to consider here;

  • You need to improve your bodies cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory system to improve your blood vessel network so that even the ‘hardest to reach’ stores of body fat are accessible.
  • Your current levels of exercise experience, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular fitness and amount of body fat dictate just how efficient you will be and breaking down and ultimately ‘burning’ body fat as fuel as it enters the energy system mechanisms.

What to do next?

It’s likely that you’re reading this not because you want to know about adrenreceptors, fat storage patterning and so on but more so because you want to change the parts of your body that affect your confidence and mood the most.

I understand that.

But understanding how things work, however complex or simple, is an important part of learning how to get what you want so hopefully I’ve at least helped teach you a thing or two about fat loss that you may not have known or considered before.

How can you ensure that you’re doing the best that you can in order to stimulate the mechanisms needed to lose body fat?

It’s kind of simple really and much of this you know but for whichever reason aren’t following through in the way you should if you’re not seeing results.

The Three most important things that you can CONTROL are;

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • NEAT (Non Execise Active Thermogenesis AKA the 10,000 steps rule)

Diet I have already wrote pretty extensively on but the most important article for you to read on nutrition for fat loss is below.

Reducing Calories For Fat Loss Article Here

As I have with exercise and training which you can read my most popular articles below;

The Primer Program For Beginners New To Weights

German Body Composition Training – Your Most Effective Training Tool For Rapid Results

Undulating Periodisation – How To Organise Your Exercise Programs For Unlimited Results

NEAT is a pretty simple one which is often overlooked.

Simply put, what you do outside of the gym counts too (even not more) and NEAT is essentially how many calories you’re burning just through general activity daily such as

  • Walking instead of driving
  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift / escalator
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Taking the Dog for a walk

Obviously the biggest challenge you have if you have a sedentary job, frequent travel or low general activity during the day is that you will be lowering your NEAT contributions so just don’t rely on the gym, try and do more if you can.


Whilst at times it can seem that we have parts of our body that just refuse to change no matter what we do and frustrate you no end, the truth is that I am yet to meet someone who cannot change even the most stubborn of areas when nutrition, exercise and NEAT are combined with commitment and discipline (with the watchful eye of myself or one of my coaches I have to add, I know how hard it is going it alone and not knowing what to change or do next when you’re frustrated at things not going the way you want)

And whist it is clichéd of me to point out I am going to finish the article by letting you know that YOU are the one with the proverbial keys to the kingdom.

Speak Soon,


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How To Get Into Shape FOR Christmas { So You Don’t Have To Start All Over Again In January }

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The 3 Things You Absolutely Must Have To Transform Your Body

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5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Back Squat

1. Plant your feet and try not to move them whilst performing the lift. Watch for the knees coming in or out excessively.

2. Work to YOUR range of motion. You don’t need to go ‘ass to grass’ for the squat to be effective and especially not if you don’t have the range or have to change how you execute the lift.

3. Brace your core tightly during and pull the bar down hard against your traps (neck area) whilst contracting your lats against the bar (back muscles).

4. Try to ‘push the floor away from you’ rather than just lift. You want to keep your feet planted and don’t want to transfer the load onto your toes where you’re likely to lift your heels and create instability.

5. Keep your head in the game. When the lift gets a bit ‘grindy’ and bar speed slows, do not panic. Hold your form and finish your rep.


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Shauns Impressive 12 Week Transformation

Great results Shaun, in just 12 weeks you’ve managed to lose 24lbs and 10% Body Fat in just 12 weeks! How are you feeling?

I feel loads better in myself and have got way more energy, I’m feeling a lot better at work and way less tired!

Working long hours, this has been a huge help to me and i’m finding that i’m not as hungry as i have been when i’ve tried to lose weight in the past. Overall, i feel much better for losing the weight and i am glad that i made the decision and joined CMP.

I had seen your transformations of other Men with a similar starting position to where i was and thought, why not me?

What was your reason for coming to CMP?

I came here for a total lifestyle change,

I had been doing zero exercise since breaking my leg playing football and needed some guidance as I had been letting myself go and needed to do something about it.

I knew i was gaining weight and didn’t feel good in the clothes i was wearing as everything was getting a bit too tight for my liking.

I knew if i had joined a gym without getting any sort of guidance on food, i would still just have done what i wanted and this wouldn’t have been enough for me to see the results that i have with you.


How did you find the transformation process? What surprised you the most?

The most surprising thing has been that i’ve never felt like i’m on diet.


I didn’t find it restrictive at all!

and what surprised me probably the most has been that over the 12 weeks I managed to have a weekend away with my friends, I had a week long family holiday in Mallorca and have been on 3 away days following my football team but still lose 24lbs and can see the outline of my abs!

The results i’ve achieved considering all of this have blown me away.

CMP gave me advice on how to make small adjustment with my diet and alcohol choices which meant I could still enjoy all these events and keep on track for success with my results.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining CMP?

Go for it!

They promise to get you results if you stick to what they say and they deliver on that promise without it being a major stress on your life.

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