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My Top Tips For A Women’s Transformation

If there is one thing i know, it's that Women are capable of phenomenal fitness transformations and results!

Many a time i've been absolutely blown away by the Women we train.

Especially as when most of the time, the things that they're being asked to do, 100% flies in the face of what is normally expected from Women in the gym.

Truthfully, you're pigeonholed by the big commercial gyms and expected to only either attend classes, lift light weights in the 'ladies' section or worse yet, you're expected to just go on the treadmill or the cross trainer for your gym sessions. 

First Let's Address The Elephant In The Room..... Men

You might find it strange of me to open up an article around my best transformations tips for Women, to begin talking about Men.

But after 12 years of hearing the frustration and disappointment from Wifes and Girlfriends of Husbands and Partners who seem to lose weight but cutting out just a few treats where as the Woman is busting her ass in the gym and dieting hard but struggling, it's time for me to address the big fat elephant in the room

Men will almost always lose weight and body fat faster than Women solely because their physiology allows it.

The Key Differences Between Men and Women Are.....

  • Men have larger musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems
  • Men have a higher metabolism and greater lean body mass
  • Because of this, typically, Men are able to lift heavier weights in their gym sessions which produces greater metabolic and neural adaptations to training
  • Men typically have a higher calorie set point, needing more calories at rest than Women
  •  Men have higher levels of testosterone and growth hormone with less estrogen
  • Men have less alpha -2 adrenoreceptors which can increase fat storage, whereas Women have more

But that doesn't mean they're better than YOU.

Because they're not and your ability to achieve amazing results depends 100% on your mindset and your ability to stick to the plan.

Consistency doesn't care whether you're male or female.

So let's dive right into the article and discover my top tips for a female transformation!

1. End 'Year Round' Dieting

If it feels like you're always on a diet, it's probably because you are!

Well, of sorts.

I wouldn't be remiss of me to say that most of the time you feel like you're stuck in the cycle of dieting ----->>> losing a bit of weight ------>>>> fall off your diet or miss a week or two at the gym ------>>> feeling like you're starting again.

This goes on year in, year out without you ever feeling like you've made the progress that you wanted to.

Instead, and i'll give you an insight into the CMP Transformation program here, set a specific fat loss phase and see it through knowing it will come to an end.

I call this phase based coaching.

Setting a target ----->>> Creating a plan designed around achieving a particularly target in 12, 16, 20 weeks ---->>> Achieving the result you wanted ------>>> Slowly build calories back up as you 'END' the dieting phase ------>>> Complete as many times as desire until you reach your DREAM GOAL.

This is how, in short periods of time, we can help our clients achieve results like these.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Lift Weights!


I want to share a secret with you.

My gym has just TWO pieces of cardiovascular equipment. The rest are free weights, machines and racks. 

And for good reason.

Because, without doubt, weight training is the DRIVER behind body transformations and your ability to change your shape depends largely on just two things occurring;

1. Losing body fat


2. Building or retaining lean muscle tissue

and fear not ladies, for reasons as we pointed out above in the differences between Men and Women, you won't pack on slabs of muscle and begin to look bulky just because you start weight training.

If anything you'll notice that, because you're lifting weights, the parts of your of body that you struggled to tone up (like your arms, legs and abdomen) are now starting to take noticeable shape!

=== Why Should Weight Training Be A Huge Part Of Your Exercise Routine ===

When we lift weights, we breakdown our existing muscle fibres.

That's right, lifting weights actually breaks down muscle whilst we're exercising. This is important because this process starts signalling processes within the muscle cells to repair and even build existing muscle fibres or can potentially mean that the body creates new muscle cells. As we repeat this process, the body continues to adapt providing we're following a well thought out training program. 

As the body adapts and makes changes to meet the demands of your exercise, we start to see improvements in muscle tone, shape and strength.

If you combined regular weight training with a calorie deficit and a smart cardiovascular plan, you'd start to see the type of results that i've shown you of our clients here at CMP.

Want to know more about weight training and my top five tips to build lean muscle? Click the link to the article below

3. Prioritize Protein

An interesting fact about the human body is whilst we're able to store carbohydrates (in muscle and in the liver) and we can store fats (in subcutaneous and visceral fat) , we don't actually have any specialised cells in the body where we can store proteins.

So what that means is that we have to acquire enough protein from our diets DAILY

Why is protein so important?

Well protein, found in chicken, turkey, beef, fish, eggs etc breaks downs into something call an amino acids. 

Grouped into non essential and essential amino acids, we have to ensure that we're providing enough amino acids from the food that we're eating for a robust, healthy and potentially lean body. 

Amino acids are used for everything in the body from our DNA, building muscle, supporting the immune system and energy systems, formation of cells plus much, much more.

Not only that, as it relates to our goal of building a lean body, protein is actually the hardest food source for the body to breakdown through digestion. This helps in two ways;

1. It slows down digestive transit of food which essentially means that digestion and absorption of all other foodstuffs in the stomach is released into the blood stream at a slower rate. This means less peaks and troughs in blood sugar and energy.

2. It increases the thermic effect of food because it is the hardest food to break down. All this means is that we're actually burning more calories during digestion which makes a small contribution to the metabolism and amount of calories 'burned' in a day.

4. But Less Carbs and Fats

Remember the above where we found out that proteins don't have a storage system?

And that carbohydrates and fats do?

Yes, and that's an important distinction.

Because when calories are too high in the diet from carbohydrates and fats, the end result is that they are going to get stored.

Strictly that's not 100% accurate because, without wanting to bore you with the science, when carbohydrates are too high the body will first attempt to 'use' those excess glucose molecules floating around in the blood stream. Whilst this is happening, receptors on the fat cell, adrenoreceptors are activated and more than happy to add circulating fatty acids to existing fat stores, thus increasing the size of the fat cell and also potentially the number of fat cells.

When fats are too high in the diet the same thing happens, the body tries to utilise the fatty acids before ultimately storing any excess. 

In short, when we eat too many carbohydrates, fats and calories the end result is that you gain weight, your clothes get tighter, your problem areas get worse and you don't feel great about yourself.

5. Give Yourself Time, Like Really

Without doubt, the most frustrating thing about wanting to lose weight and body fat is not actually losing weight and body fat.

No doubt, it's demoralizing and makes steam come out of your ears!

Actually, not seeing results is 9/10 the reason why you quit. 

The human body can hold as many as 220 BILLION fat cells and each 1lb of fat you carry, you're storing a whopping 3600 calories.

So for example, let's says that you're a good 30lbs off your target weight.

Based purely on the math, that's a good 108,000 surplus calories.

If we consider that in an average gym session burns only 200-400kcal per session, again based on the math which doesn't always work out exact in real life, it's going to take a lot longer for you to reach your target weight than you think. And the initial weight loss you achieve will mostly be water.

You might think that i am sharing this information with you to put you off trying to lose weight completely which obviously i'm not.

 You deserve to be happy and confident in your body, so just be prepared for the many ups and downs in this journey along the way but ultimately stay committed to keeping things going when you're doing well and getting back on the horse if you fall off.

No more four week weight loss plans or being all or nothing in your approach to losing weight.

Here's What These Ladies Had To Say​​​​ About Their Results From Using These Tips (and more) In Our Coaching

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My Top Five Tips To Build Lean Muscle

It's so frustrating when...

You've been going to the gym for years, and you're stuck in the rut of endless bulking phases, only to feel like you've put too much fat on.

Which then means you start 'cutting' and end up paranoid that you're actually losing muscle so stop trying to get lean altogether!

It kind of keeps you stuck somewhere permanently in between big and fat but lean and skinny, right?


And it's every serious gym goers, training nightmare, so to help push things along and get you on the level of achieving the results you want, here are my top 5 tips to build lean muscle tissue, FAST.

1. Don't Fall Into The Trap Of 'Fat Bulking'

The situation goes like this, when you're cutting and trying your hardest to get abs, you'll track your food and you'll eat healthily.

But when it comes to bulking?! bulking?.... Oh my god, you go all out.

Whatever is on the menu, you're going to be eating it!

After all, calories fuel muscle growth, right?

Well, yes and no. The truth is, when you're looking to add lean muscle tissue, you're not actually going to need as much of a calorie surplus as you think, if the goal is to not add too much body fat at the same time. 

Slowly but surely start by adding 300-500kcal bi-weekly and assess how your body responds. 

Keep a keen eye on your training performance too! In the gym, you should start to see your lifts increasing concurrently with your calorie increases. This is vital feedback to let you know that you're getting stronger. 

And like we said above, increasing strength and training performance is a key driver behind building lean muscle tissue!

2. Be Honest About Your Effort

To grow muscle tissue we're looking to do one of two things;

1. Increase the number of muscle cells 


2. Increase the thickness (density) of existing muscle fibres

To do either or these two objectives we need volume of training (think the amount of work you're performing in your reps, sets and total sessions) and we need intensity (think load lifted during the workouts).

But we also need another crucial element to our muscle building triangle. 


Without effort and pushing our body to a level that it isn't use to, we aren't going to create enough load on the muscle fibres to initiate the General Adaptation Syndrome that it must go through to ensure remodeling.  Make sure when you're training, you're giving everything you can into your sets to keep progressing.

3. Stimulate Each Muscle Twice Per Week  

Studies have shown that training a muscle twice per week, produces a better hypertrophy (muscle building) response than stimulating the muscle once per week. 

Schoenfeld et al (2016), (1), concluded a systematic review and meta analysis of the data, finding two stimulus per week per muscle group to be more optimal for hypertrophy response than one or three stimuli per week.

These findings are of particular importance to us as trainers and you the reader, as essentially it means that we can grow without necessarily having to resort to super volume training programs that we often see promoted by seasoned body builders training multiple times per day, never mind per week!

We have some great options here in terms of program design, right the way from whole body style programs to upper / lower programs to '3 in 5' bodybuilding split programs.

4. Eat Enough Protein (Alongside Calories)

Protein is a powerhouse macro nutrient, of that there can be no doubt.

Amino acids are essential for life, not just building muscle! From energy creation to cell formation to helping our immune system, amino acids are more than just the building block of muscle cells.

Which means for you, the trainee interested in building a Jason Statham like physique, you're going to want to become friends with protein. And it's going to have to be in most meals that you eat to help you get jacked and lean.

Protein recommendations for each day provided that your goal is the above and you're training consistently and hard, stands around 1.8g/kg of body weight (Phillips and Van Loon, 2011), (2)

Some interesting things start to occur when you're consuming enough protein in your diet;

1. We increase muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and not muscle protein breakdown (MPB). Muscle protein synthesis is a biological process that helps us repair and build new muscle tissue as a direct response to resistance training consistently. 

2. Through the stimulation of MPS and the fact that you're eating enough protein based foods in your diet, we're now able to shuttle the available amino acids into the muscle cell to be used for repair and growth. 

3. Because of this enhanced recovery and growth, you're now able to repeat intense resistance training sessions to continue building lean muscle tissue!

5. Train Across A Broad Spectrum Of Reps

It's pretty well established in the research that power and strength training (1-5RM) produces more central nervous system adaption and increasing reps produces more metabolic / hypertrophy adaptations (6-15RM).

Interestingly, research has gone one step further in a quest to help us quicken our gains and build lean muscle faster

The takeaways from recent study by Schoenfeld et al (2014), (3), where groups were assigned to a high rep based whole body workout (25-35 reps per set) or a moderate rep based whole body workout (8-12 reps per set) no differences were observed in muscle mass response in either group. As you'd expect the higher rep group increase muscular endurance whereas the lower rep group increased strength.

What this essentially means is that it is possible to gain lean muscle mass on higher rep, lower load workouts if that was your preferred style of training.

In 2015 Schoenfeld et al went one step further. This time pitting groups of powerlifting style workouts vs traditional body building style workouts with volume equated. The powerlifting group performed 7sets of 3RM per exercise with the bodybuilding group performing 3 sets of 10RM, again equated for volume. In both groups again, no differences in hypertrophy response were observed over the 8 week study. But again as above, the group performing the highest load (and lowest reps) style of training, achieved greater improvements in strength. 

In conclusion, this means that we have numerous options available to us to achieve the results that we wanted. We could choose a linear style approach to training, for example a block of 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps per exercise per workout.

Or we could choose undulating periodization as an approach where we might start the week with 3-4 sets of 8-12 per exercise  for an upper body training session and in the next upper body training sessions of that particular week, throw in 3 sets of 15-20 reps per exercise to train across the broader spectrum of reps and challenge the body to adapt.

We could also decide to go the other way and begin our upper body week with 7sets of 3 like above and finish the week on 3-4 sets of 8-12. The options here are endless!

The trick is to not just marry yourself to one style of training with one approach in mind. 

Now go and build the muscle you want!


Want Us To Help You Achieve Better Results?


1. Schoenfeld, B J, Ogborn, D and Krieger, J W, Effects of Resistance Training Frequency on Measures of Muscle Hypertrophy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Sports Med, 2016, Nov;46 (11):1689-1697

2. Phillips, S M and LJ Van Loon, Dietary protein for athletes: from requirements to optimum adaptation. J Sports Sci, 2011, 29 Suppl 1: p. S29-38

3. Schoenfeld, B J, Ratamess, N A, Peterson, M D, Contrerar B, Sonmez, G T and Alvar, B A. EFFECTS OF DIFFERENT VOLUME-EQUATED RESISTANCE TRAINING LOADING STRATEGIES ON MUSCULAR ADAPTATIONS IN WELL-TRAINED MEN. J Strength Cond Res, 2014 Oct; 28(10):2909

4.  Schoenfeld, B J, Peterson, M D, Ogborn, D, Contreras, B and Sonmez, G T.  EFFECTS OF LOW- VS. HIGH-LOAD RESISTANCE TRAINING ON MUSCLE STRENGTH AND HYPERTROPHY IN WELL-TRAINED MEN. J Strength Cond Res, 2015 Oct; 29(10):2954-63

Frankensteins Fat Blaster

Here is a hellish workout for you to get into,

 It will have your spine tingling and your heart pounding,

Frankensteins Fat Blaster!

Watch the video in full to discover this ghoulish workout that will put some bite into your halloween workouts! 


Ghoulish Gunz – Workout #2 – Triceps

Looking for a grizzly ending for an arm workout?

Try the Ghoulish Gunz Workout!

In this tri set you'll do the following;

A1. X Pushdowns - 8 Reps

A2. Close Grip EZ Press - 8 Reps

A3. Decline DB Extensions - 15 Reps

Repeat 3-4 times if you dare!

Ghoulish Gunz Workout #1 – Biceps

Looking for a grizzly ending for an arm workout?

Try the Ghoulish Gunz Workout! 

In this tri set you'll do the following;

A1. EZ Curls - 8 Reps

A2. Hammer Curls - 8 Reps

A3. Arms Behind Curls - 15 Reps .

Repeat 3-4 times if you dare!

Dracula’s Delts!

The legend of the Count reaches far and wide....

And when the light gives way to the dark,

you won't want to open your eyes,

For there is a feast that's about to resume,

And without hesitation, he's coming for you...

With his fangs strong and sharp,

And his thirst for blood rising,

The count is hungry it's rather unsurprising,

He's moving in closer and getting near

Can you escape or are you stiffened by fear?

Thud goes the sound of footsteps with a knock at the door,

You try to scream out but your voice is so hoarse

Dracula has arrived

and he's ready for first course!

Try this workout for Dracula's DELTS... It's a giant set that will make your muscles scream with fear;

A1. Y Raises

A2. Rear Delt Cable Flies

A3. Lean Forward Lateral Raises

A4. Seated DB Shoulder Press

Hit reps of 8-10 and shoot for 3-4 total sets!

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Build Your Six Pack With Just Two Exercises

If you've ever tried to get so lean that you see your abs, you'll know how hard it is to achieve.

And if you've NEVER seen your abs despite eating healthily and going to the gym consistently and feel like you've failed.

Don't panic, you've not.

You just need to consider, and you may have already thought this yourself, that maybe your diet needs a little more tweaking or that your gym program needs an overhaul.

That being said, i want to encourage you to chase your dreams of the physique you want and so today the purpose of this article is to share with your my two key moves to building six pack abs

Introducing the Rectus Abdominis

The Rectus Abdominis is often considered the 'show' muscle to achieving the six pack.

The reason that the six packs looks the way that it does is because the muscle fibres work in 'pairs' hence the separation affect as you get lean.

Attaching from the rib cage down to the pubis symphysis, our goal when training the 'six pack muscle' is simply to bring these two points together.

The Two Exercises You Have To Do To Train The Rectus Abdominis

One of my biggest issues with my own ab training was that i was spending 15-20 minutes at the end of every workout running through planks, situps, russian twists, anti rotation and so on and so on without every seeing any changes in how my midsection looked until i combined my ab training with these three secrets to achieve abs.

Secret #1 - Your Diet Is So Important When It Comes To Getting Six Pack Lean

Secret #2 - You Have To Combine Weight Training With Cardio Too

Secret #3 - You Actually Don't Need Lots Of Ab Training, You Just Need To Bring More To The Training You're Doing

By understanding these secrets, it allowed my to combine a better understanding of how to get abs myself and also help others learn how to to sculpt six pack abs

No go forth and build those abs!

Yours in health and transformations, 


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Gain More Structure To Your Workouts With The Primer Program

If you've ever gone to the gym, looked around and struggled to know where to start....

You're not alone!

In fact, one of the reasons most people stop going to the gym in the first place is

A) that they aren't sure what they should be doing 


B) they didn't see ANY results!

But fear not, it isn't your fault.

And i am going to share with you a basic structure to your exercise programming that you can follow in any gym at any time to be able to kickstart your fitness, establish a more consistent routine and then ultimately start seeing your weight go down, your muscle tone increase and your energy skyrocket.

And the great part is that it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or are new to weight training, this program will lay the foundations for you to progress onto more advanced exercise programs later on down the line.

So let's go ahead and put the Primer Program into action

So there you have it, the Primer Program!

Now if you want to see the full program in more detail, along with the exercise library videos and specific cardio routines to follow in a more results focused way, simply click the link below and you'll be able to pick up the six week Primer Program for just £9.99

Laying the foundations for a transformation

The perfect thing about the Primer Program is that because it is so well rounded and covers all bases, it then allows you to progress onto the type of programs our clients follow in our 12 Week Body Transformation Coaching Program which produces results like these.

Best of luck!

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Burn More Calories Than Running With These Four Moves

For millennia, the general rule of thumb has been this;

If you want to lose weight, the exercise you must do is running.

Running on the treadmill, in the park, on the pavement, it matters not... 

Just as long as running is included in your weight loss plan, you'll do just fine.

Except, you don't do fine and it's only a matter of time until you have to do even longer runs just to burn a few more calories per day that don't make a whole lot of difference when it comes to transforming your body and seeing results.

Essentially, you've run into the proverbial brick wall.

Sorry, couldn't help myself 🙂 

But what if you want better results in half the time?

You're probably going to want and need more bang for your buck exercise, than having to pound the pavement for an hour a day.

And so, rather handily, i'm going to share with you a way to burn more calories, more fat and build more lean muscle using just four exercises. 

So that you can be in, and out of the gym in less than 30 minutes having cooked up a metabolic storm that will transform your body faster than you imagined.

What is this magical program?

Simply perform the exercises below in a sequence that you can follow in your gym (see table) and watch as you begin to melt away fat whilst seeing a toned body staring back at you. 

All the results, half the time

Simple Sets

Upper / Lower Supersets

Paired Supersets

Upper / Lower Giant Sets

Paired Giant Sets

A. Deadlifts

A1. Deadlift

A1. Deadlift

A1. Deadlift

A1. Bench Press

B. Bench Press

A2. Bench Press

A2. Hack Squats

A2. Bench Press

A2. Pulldowns

C. Pulldowns

B1. Pulldowns

B1. Bench Press

A3. Hack Squats

A3. Deadlifts

D. Hack Squats

B2. Hack Squats

B2. Pulldowns

A4. Pulldowns

A4. Hack Squats

Why this program will work for you

Granted, this is a simple program.

But i understand that you might not have the luxury of a private personal training gym to play with, like our clients do, so i've opted for the program you can do and believe me the pay off in results can be huge should you jump in full throttle!

This program works because it stimulates your largest muscle groups directly and smaller muscle groups indirectly. This allows you to work the body as a whole, burn more calories as your weight on the bar / machine increases and stimulates more of the 'afterburn' effect that doesn't happen from running 

(i.e. when you stop running, the number of calories you burn at rest is less than when you perform weight training, which increases metabolic activity even after you finished your last set)

So what are you waiting for?

Ditch pounding the pavement and start chasing your transformation results!

Yours in Health and Fitness,


What Type Of Results Could You Be Achieving?

Lance dropped a whopping 31lbs in just 12 weeks

Lisa lost 37lbs and 4 dress sizes following our program

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