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10 Reasons You NEED To Lift Weights

There are so many different exercise options available to us these days, so it’s no wonder you don’t know where to begin or what is going to work BEST for producing the type of results that you want.

So what you end up doing is either going on the treadmill for half an hour, doing some half assed exercise on equipment you’ve not even been shown to use properly

Or worse, you end up just not going to the gym

So today i’m going to make a case for you using weight training as your major form of exercise.

And i’ll tell you why;

1. Increase Strength

Who doesn’t like being able to do daily tasks with ease and lift things you didn’t think you could?


Weight training allows us to strengthen muscle fibres and create new muscle tissue as you become more accustomed to regular weight training.

Oh and it means you can carry more shopping bags 😉

2. Look Toned

Oh….You don’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger from lifting weights?

Believe me, it’s not gonna happen, so you don’t need to worry about that,


Lifting weights a few times per week as part of a structured weight training plan will help you add lean muscle tissue, develop shape

and definition to the areas you currently want to change and give you the tone you’re looking for.

3. Look After Your Bones

Lifting weights and other weight bearing exercise has been shown to increase or maintain bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis therefore reducing the risk of related fractures.

Bigger Compound (Multi Joint) exercises such as squats and bench press can be especially beneficial and weight training even helps strengthen connective tissue too, reducing your risk of injury.

4. Beat Boredom

We’ve all been there, plodding away on the treadmill checking the clock what seems like every 10 minutes but its only budged

1 minute!

It can be tedious right?

Well…. with weight training that isn’t the case, each session can be varied as the exercises you can do are virtually endless and i’m yet to find someone who find getting stronger, sexier and more toned boring.


5. Reduce Stress

If there was ever an assassin to your health and waistline, it’s definitely stress!

Our lives today are hectic, that’s for sure.

We all have stress and we’d all like to reduce it, especially given that the impact of stress hormones being chronically elevated and associated  physiological changes are becoming more and more well documented.

Exercise is a stressor too if we do too much of it.

But it can also help us control stress if we find that sweet spot of just the right amount.

Exercise helps our brains release endorphins which are the “feel good” chemicals we produce.

So not only does it feel good releasing stress on the weights during the session, but you will walk away from the gym feeling happier and relaxed knowing you’ve done something more beneficial that grabbing a chocolate bar to deal with stress.

6. Improve Your Posture

In today’s world a lot of us are working jobs which mean typically we’re hunched over or in poor postural positions. Whether we are sat at a desk all day, driving all day or working on a building site the likelihood is our postures not great!

And could be causing niggling pain and injury.

What lifting weights in a structured manner allows us to do is strengthen weakened muscles and improve flexibility in muscles that have become tight over time.

So not only will you stand tall but you’ll be in less pain and more functional too!

7. Burn Fat Faster

As I mentioned earlier you will add lean muscle tissue by sticking to a structured training plan.

This is important because adding lean muscle tissue allows us to house more ‘energy factories’ called mitochondria which is where we burn fuel. Part of this fuel CAN be fat that we’ve broken down from your fat stores.

Pretty cool, huh?

8. Improved Heart Health and Lower Blood Pressure

Research has shown us that lifting weights also improves another type of muscle.

Cardiac muscle aka your heart.

Lifting weights has been shown to help decrease blood pressure scores and make the heart more of an efficient muscle. Cardiovascular training can also help us do this further when combined with lifting tin!

9. Be Bettter At Other Exercise and Sport

Whether you aim to be physically stronger on the football pitch,

run a faster time in your next race or hit your driver further,

weight training can help improve performance  across the board by improving structural balance and strength and reducing your body fat percentage.

10. Improve Self Confidence

Probably an unknown side effect to lifting weights is it’s ability to help improve self confidence and esteem.

As you see the improvements you’re making by lifting more weight, completing more reps, getting a more toned tush, typically how you view yourself starts to change and your confidence starts to rise.

Suddenly you see yourself and hold yourself differently.

So there you have it,

Lifting weights is more than just deadlifts and bicep curls,

And can have a HUGE impact on your life as your start to benefit from lifting regularly.

So PLEASE include weight training in your gym routine, everybody should be doing it if they want results

Yours in Health,


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Is This The Reason You’re Not Seeing Results?

Today I wanted to bring you a blog article as to why you’re REALLY not seeing the results that you want to see with your body and it’s not because you don’t WANT to see improvements.

Or that you’re not doing enough Zumba or eating enough superfood salads 😉

You see…

When we’re talking about achieving kick ass transformations or even if we’re at the start of our journey, the ONE THING that is isn’t going to help us get into awesome shape is having a goal.

What? Having a goal is a bad thing?

Well, maybe it is my friend.

Cos, here is the thing;

I’ll have you consider that goals are surrounded in ambiguity and really have NO IMPACT on whether you’re actually on track to see the changes that you want.

So statements like

  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to tone up
  • I want to lose cellulite from my thighs
  • I want to lose inches
  • I want to feel better about my body

They’re all missing one thing; something you can measure.

There is nothing that is measurable about a ‘goal’ or a statement.

Which means you’ve no chance of hitting the bullseye of achieving the dream results you’ve got.

Targets are the quickest way to change your body

Targets allow us to measure and set deadlines.

And deadlines allow us to assess whether we’re on track to achieve our targets.

So what happens next is that instead of hoping and wishing that you’ll lose weight, tone up or drop a dress plan, we’re actually PLANNING ON IT HAPPENING.

One thing that I like to do with my own personal clients to ensure their success and ‘goals’ become a reality is to have them follow a target set for their body transformation

Where we can set targets that need to be hit at 30 days and 60 days in order for the outcome goal to become a reality by the 90 day mark and so on.


Say for example that your goal is to fit comfortably into a size 14 but you’re currently a size 18, what targets might you need to hit to make that goal a reality? and is it realistic?

Maybe, maybe not

But for arguments sake, lets look at it here;

90 Days Target – Tight Size 14

60 Day Target –  Comfortable Size 16

30 Day Target – Loose Size 18

Start – Size 18

Now obviously we’ll be measuring inches, body fat, taking photos, setting food diaries and have a structured exercise program within the system but now we have CLARITY on what the goal is and FOCUS to execute giving us a better chance of success.


And we’re simply going to take a huge target and break it down in manageable small chunks that you can cope with and not get overwhelmed by.

By each 30 day target it simply becomes a case of asking…

have you done the work – YES or NO

and if you have, those results will follow that’s for sure.

Yours in Health,


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