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Frankensteins Fat Blaster

Here is a hellish workout for you to get into,

 It will have your spine tingling and your heart pounding,

Frankensteins Fat Blaster!

Watch the video in full to discover this ghoulish workout that will put some bite into your halloween workouts! 


Ghoulish Gunz – Workout #2 – Triceps

Looking for a grizzly ending for an arm workout?

Try the Ghoulish Gunz Workout!

In this tri set you'll do the following;

A1. X Pushdowns - 8 Reps

A2. Close Grip EZ Press - 8 Reps

A3. Decline DB Extensions - 15 Reps

Repeat 3-4 times if you dare!

Ghoulish Gunz Workout #1 – Biceps

Looking for a grizzly ending for an arm workout?

Try the Ghoulish Gunz Workout! 

In this tri set you'll do the following;

A1. EZ Curls - 8 Reps

A2. Hammer Curls - 8 Reps

A3. Arms Behind Curls - 15 Reps .

Repeat 3-4 times if you dare!

Dracula’s Delts!

The legend of the Count reaches far and wide....

And when the light gives way to the dark,

you won't want to open your eyes,

For there is a feast that's about to resume,

And without hesitation, he's coming for you...

With his fangs strong and sharp,

And his thirst for blood rising,

The count is hungry it's rather unsurprising,

He's moving in closer and getting near

Can you escape or are you stiffened by fear?

Thud goes the sound of footsteps with a knock at the door,

You try to scream out but your voice is so hoarse

Dracula has arrived

and he's ready for first course!

Try this workout for Dracula's DELTS... It's a giant set that will make your muscles scream with fear;

A1. Y Raises

A2. Rear Delt Cable Flies

A3. Lean Forward Lateral Raises

A4. Seated DB Shoulder Press

Hit reps of 8-10 and shoot for 3-4 total sets!

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Build Your Six Pack With Just Two Exercises

If you've ever tried to get so lean that you see your abs, you'll know how hard it is to achieve.

And if you've NEVER seen your abs despite eating healthily and going to the gym consistently and feel like you've failed.

Don't panic, you've not.

You just need to consider, and you may have already thought this yourself, that maybe your diet needs a little more tweaking or that your gym program needs an overhaul.

That being said, i want to encourage you to chase your dreams of the physique you want and so today the purpose of this article is to share with your my two key moves to building six pack abs

Introducing the Rectus Abdominis

The Rectus Abdominis is often considered the 'show' muscle to achieving the six pack.

The reason that the six packs looks the way that it does is because the muscle fibres work in 'pairs' hence the separation affect as you get lean.

Attaching from the rib cage down to the pubis symphysis, our goal when training the 'six pack muscle' is simply to bring these two points together.

The Two Exercises You Have To Do To Train The Rectus Abdominis

One of my biggest issues with my own ab training was that i was spending 15-20 minutes at the end of every workout running through planks, situps, russian twists, anti rotation and so on and so on without every seeing any changes in how my midsection looked until i combined my ab training with these three secrets to achieve abs.

Secret #1 - Your Diet Is So Important When It Comes To Getting Six Pack Lean

Secret #2 - You Have To Combine Weight Training With Cardio Too

Secret #3 - You Actually Don't Need Lots Of Ab Training, You Just Need To Bring More To The Training You're Doing

By understanding these secrets, it allowed my to combine a better understanding of how to get abs myself and also help others learn how to to sculpt six pack abs

No go forth and build those abs!

Yours in health and transformations, 


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Gain More Structure To Your Workouts With The Primer Program

If you've ever gone to the gym, looked around and struggled to know where to start....

You're not alone!

In fact, one of the reasons most people stop going to the gym in the first place is

A) that they aren't sure what they should be doing 


B) they didn't see ANY results!

But fear not, it isn't your fault.

And i am going to share with you a basic structure to your exercise programming that you can follow in any gym at any time to be able to kickstart your fitness, establish a more consistent routine and then ultimately start seeing your weight go down, your muscle tone increase and your energy skyrocket.

And the great part is that it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or are new to weight training, this program will lay the foundations for you to progress onto more advanced exercise programs later on down the line.

So let's go ahead and put the Primer Program into action

So there you have it, the Primer Program!

Now if you want to see the full program in more detail, along with the exercise library videos and specific cardio routines to follow in a more results focused way, simply click the link below and you'll be able to pick up the six week Primer Program for just £9.99

Laying the foundations for a transformation

The perfect thing about the Primer Program is that because it is so well rounded and covers all bases, it then allows you to progress onto the type of programs our clients follow in our 12 Week Body Transformation Coaching Program which produces results like these.

Best of luck!

Yours in health and transformations, 


Burn More Calories Than Running With These Four Moves

For millennia, the general rule of thumb has been this;

If you want to lose weight, the exercise you must do is running.

Running on the treadmill, in the park, on the pavement, it matters not... 

Just as long as running is included in your weight loss plan, you'll do just fine.

Except, you don't do fine and it's only a matter of time until you have to do even longer runs just to burn a few more calories per day that don't make a whole lot of difference when it comes to transforming your body and seeing results.

Essentially, you've run into the proverbial brick wall.

Sorry, couldn't help myself 🙂 

But what if you want better results in half the time?

You're probably going to want and need more bang for your buck exercise, than having to pound the pavement for an hour a day.

And so, rather handily, i'm going to share with you a way to burn more calories, more fat and build more lean muscle using just four exercises. 

So that you can be in, and out of the gym in less than 30 minutes having cooked up a metabolic storm that will transform your body faster than you imagined.

What is this magical program?

Simply perform the exercises below in a sequence that you can follow in your gym (see table) and watch as you begin to melt away fat whilst seeing a toned body staring back at you. 

All the results, half the time

Simple Sets

Upper / Lower Supersets

Paired Supersets

Upper / Lower Giant Sets

Paired Giant Sets

A. Deadlifts

A1. Deadlift

A1. Deadlift

A1. Deadlift

A1. Bench Press

B. Bench Press

A2. Bench Press

A2. Hack Squats

A2. Bench Press

A2. Pulldowns

C. Pulldowns

B1. Pulldowns

B1. Bench Press

A3. Hack Squats

A3. Deadlifts

D. Hack Squats

B2. Hack Squats

B2. Pulldowns

A4. Pulldowns

A4. Hack Squats

Why this program will work for you

Granted, this is a simple program.

But i understand that you might not have the luxury of a private personal training gym to play with, like our clients do, so i've opted for the program you can do and believe me the pay off in results can be huge should you jump in full throttle!

This program works because it stimulates your largest muscle groups directly and smaller muscle groups indirectly. This allows you to work the body as a whole, burn more calories as your weight on the bar / machine increases and stimulates more of the 'afterburn' effect that doesn't happen from running 

(i.e. when you stop running, the number of calories you burn at rest is less than when you perform weight training, which increases metabolic activity even after you finished your last set)

So what are you waiting for?

Ditch pounding the pavement and start chasing your transformation results!

Yours in Health and Fitness,


What Type Of Results Could You Be Achieving?

Lance dropped a whopping 31lbs in just 12 weeks

Lisa lost 37lbs and 4 dress sizes following our program

Nick dropped an amazing 46lbs in just 16 weeks of our program

Rachael flattened her stomach and lost her belly fat in just 10 weeks

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Going It Alone and Want A Ready Made Program To Follow?

Incline Chest Press Drop Set

Struggling to see any improvement in your chest training?

Add this in on the final set of your incline chest press!

Take your normal set and try to achieve as many reps as possible,

Then drop the weight by 20%ish

and then drop 20%ish again until you cannot complete any more reps.

In the vid i did;


Each time shoot for as many reps as you can manage!

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My Top Nine Tips To Build A Successful Career As A Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer can be the best job in the world!

You love to train

You geek out on the science behind training and nutrition

And you get paid to take people through a workout.


Right until the day comes when you’re not making any money, can’t afford to pay your gym rent, the gym hours start affecting your home life and you struggle to get leads for new clients or can’t even give away free sessions.

What do you do?

Well, what I’m about to do next is share with you some tips for success that took me from commercial gym trainer to owning one of the UK’s leading and private personal training gyms.

Remember It's Not About You

Understanding the person in front of you is THE biggest challenge that you have as a trainer. To get results with clients you not only have to know about nutrition, macros, weight training programs and energy systems training, but you also have to know about PEOPLE.

What makes them tick?

Why do they want to achieve the goals they’ve set out with you?

What limiting factors / potential challenges do they have in their life that could stop them reaching their goals?

Do they have children?

What is their current health status?

How experienced are they in the gym?

How many hours per week do they work?

How do they handle stress?

Do they sleep well?

What are their interests and hobbies?

If you start to better understand the client in front of you instead of spending all your time talking about yourself, you’ll have a better chance of building a portfolio of client results and a diary full of happy clients.


Once you know more about the person, you need to know more about why they’ve hired YOU.

Sure, most people in an initial consultation will tell you that their goals are to ‘lose weight and tone up’ but all of this is way too superficial and without meaning if you don’t know why.

Here is a list of some of the real reasons people have hired me and my personal training team;

  • Because they don’t feel confident or comfortable in their bodies and will do all they can to avoid being seen (sometimes avoiding going on holidays, swimming, laying on beaches, undressing in front of their husbands, wives and partners)
  • Because they don’t feel like themselves anymore after putting weight on – they’ve lost their sparkle because of how they feel about their bodies
  • Because they’ve lost control of their eating and exercise habits because of a family / life event (death of a loved one, marriage break up, emotional trauma)
  • Because they avoid clothes shopping and hate looking in the mirror as all they see are things that they don’t like
  • Because they can’t keep up with the kids and get out of breath just walking up the stairs
  • Because they’ve been told by doctors / GP’s that if they don’t improve their health and lifestyle, their health condition will worsen and potentially be fatal.
  • Because they don’t feel comfortable meeting new people to start relationships.

I say this to my team all the time;

Never underestimate the impact you can have on someone’s life just by helping them get into better shape.

A personal trainer who is invested in results will be wanting to get to the client’s big why if they’re interested in getting results.


I get it,

You’re desperate for business and are struggling to pay your gym rent.

But so is everyone else in your gym and I can tell you a surefire way of making sure you don’t acquire any new business;

Hard sell personal training to everyone you come into contact with and making yourself look desperate by offering everyone a free session.

They know it’s coming and you know it’s coming, with the answer mostly being no.

If you think about it like this;

You wouldn’t go up to a random person in the street and ask them for £400 (or more or less) without them knowing anything about you and what VALUE you bring so why would this work in a gym setting?

It doesn’t.

To become a personal trainer who is booked out with raving clients you have to build trust, demonstrate value and show why you’re the right person for the right client and eventually you will start to build a business.

There are many ways that you can accelerate this process;

  • Hold a weight loss / fat loss / nutrition / fitness seminar in your gym and be GOOD. Offer value and demonstrate expertise.
  • Once you’ve built rapport with a potential client and identified their goals / current problems that you can solve – offer them a way into working with you (this doesn’t always have to be free)
  • Create a weekly, fortnightly, monthly newsletter to give out to people who come into your gym with clear and concise titbits of exercise and nutritional knowledge
  • Be seen in the gym training yourself and practicing what you preached  - I remember once picking up a new client at 4x per week just because I ran myself hard performing intervals on the treadmill!
  • Create weekly Q and A sessions where you will make yourself available to gym members on a set day and set time of the week. Let the health and fitness manager, staff and sales team know that you’re prepared to do this.
  • Help perfect a clients technique on the gym floor – everyone has seen that guy throwing his back out attempting to deadlift. Go and offer a helping hand and be useful to those around you.

Which brings me onto my next point.

Know who you want to work with

I’ve been there,

When you first start out, you will do all you can just to get a booking in your diary!

Any client willing to work with you are worth their weight in gold right?



Sure, in the early days it can be hugely tempting to work with everyone and anyone but let me share with you a little tip that set me apart from other trainers despite not being a bodybuilder, not fitting the conventional fitness mould (in the early days) and despite me not being the happy clappy everything is awesome motivational cheerleader.

I knew who I wanted to work with and how to best service them.

That’s it.

If you’re a bodybuilder who is only interested in training clients interested in gaining muscle and hate the thought of training 50 year old Mrs Jones, then don’t train Mrs Jones!

If you have zero passion for running and hate the thought of a 10K, then are you the best trainer to advise someone on how to prepare for a marathon?

If you like TRX, Kettlebells and ‘functional training’ should you be working with someone on injury rehabilitation?

By refining what you’re good at and who you can best serve, you will have a better chance of specialising and becoming known for being very good at one particular niche as appose to being a jack of all trades but master of none.

Which leads me onto the next point.


At the very least here is what your client should expect from you or for you to have done;

  • Goal setting / initial consultation
  • A health questionnaire / Par-Q
  • A personal training agreement
  • Some form of body fat assessment / fitness test (if needed)
  • Food diary collection from which some form of nutritional plan will be set by you
  • A tailored training program that suits the individual capabilities, goals and takes into consideration postural / mechanical issues.

To become a professional trainer you must have a standard of professionalism!

Too often I used to see clients arrive for their first training session with their trainer only for them to jump straight into bench pressing, squats and deadlifts no matter their goals and or starting point and with zero conversation about food!

Without have a clear system in place, you will appear disorganised and not come across as the professional trainer that people want to invest in.


In my early years as a trainer I invested what little money I did have (but mostly money that I didn’t) and sought out experts in the fitness industry that I could learn from direct through courses, seminars, workshops or internships.

I learnt from people like Phil Learney, Mark Coles, Ben Pakulski, Brad Schoenfeld, John Beradi, Charles Poliquin, Ultimate Performance, Alan Aragon, Layne Norton and whoever else I get my hands on in a constant mission to improve and develop as a trainer.

This left me with LOTS of information but little systems, until I began to trial, test and systemised what worked for me and my clients.

This constant refinement and thirst for progress lead on to me developing my own way of producing fantastic results with the hardest to transform clients.

And these are your clients too; the general population.

Developing and understanding your own systems is crucial if you want to become a top personal trainer to your clients.

As with anything you will learn or read; take what is useful for the people you serve and discard the rest.


  • Be prepared to work hard and for long hours with little return (at the start)

There are two trends happening in the fitness industry right now that you’ve got to ignore if you’re going to be successful as a trainer;

  • You’re not going to work less and earn more
  • Becoming a trainer isn’t your ticket to earning £50 per hour at will, no matter what the company who you qualified through told you.

The first gym I rented space from was Fitness First at Hillsborough, Sheffield and I got hired alongside two other trainer to start on the same day.

Then a month later, two more trainers had joined.

This was on top of the three trainers, gym instructors and health and fitness manager already in the club servicing members and clients.

Sound familiar?

By the time the club closed and I’d been there for 3 ½ years, I must have seen at least 30 personal trainers come and go.

Failing to build and business and in most cases leaving the fitness industry altogether.

Unfortunately, your dream fitness business is not going to come easy and it’s going to be even harder if you listen to the guru’s who tell you that you can earn more and do less at the same time or that you can charge the same amount of money as an experience coach with years of results to show for their work.


Maybe it’s just me and our clients but some of the clients i’ve worked with who are multi millionaire business Men and Women aren’t laying in a hammock strung across two palm trees in the Bahamas whist sipping a Pina Colada from a coconut.

They’re successful because they work hard and often long.

So you’re going to have to do the same if you want to build a long lasting fitness career.


It seems a given that I’d include a section on marketing and advertising on social media when the very reason you’re reading this article is because you click on the link I shared with you!

It’s true, social media can have a huge influence on your career and impact your ability to acquire new clients if you use the platform correctly.

But that doesn’t mean spending hours of every day posting topless selfies or endless posts letting your fans know that you offer personal training sessions….

…. It means adding VALUE. Show up everyday or at least every other day with something useful or actionable but don’t live on facebook posting your every move or latest offer constantly.

And because of Facebooks ever changing algorithm, video and live video works better for the reach of your post. These posts could be categorised as;




Something About You

Something In The News That Relates To Your Market

And being consistent. The less you’re consistent with your posts the less Facebook will show your posts to your audience.

 (personally I post Mon – Fri and take the weekend off to be with my wife and baby)


i remember the first time I spent money on paid facebook ads; boosting posts and getting likes.

I, like you may be thinking, thought that having more ‘fans’ would = more business

And I also thought my budget of a measly £300 for the month would be enough to lace my palm my silver and I’d been on my merry way.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and if you’re a sole trader personal trainer and not Gary Vaynerchuk, then worrying about likes and branding will only distract you from what your advertising as a self employed trainer should be about – GENERATING AND ACQUIRING NEW CLIENTS.

So if you do dip your toes into advertising, then you have a couple of ways to set up your campaigns for facebook ads here;

  • Set up a Lead Ads Campaign to collect new client leads direct from Facebook / LinkedIn etc.
  • Drive traffic to a page on your website telling them more about your services and results and offer them the opportunity to become a new client or book an appointment.
  • Drive traffic to an article or piece of content on your website offering more value and offer them the opportunity to become a new client or book an appointment.
  • Use content marketing and re-target those who've engaged with your ads

Whichever way you choose to first spend money on advertising your fitness business, just remember that you HAVE to have something of quality to offer your potential clientele in the first place.

Remember, People don’t hire a personal trainer for ‘sessions’ or to learn how to perform a Turkish Get Up – they hire you for RESULTS, so you have to know how to get them to make a return from your paid advertising.

So there you have it,

Nine crucial tips for you if you want to build a serious career as a personal trainer in such a competitive industry.

Trust me, if you action at least half of these tips – those that you’re up against simply won’t put the required effort in to succeed.

And if you’re REALLY interested in learning how you get develop your career further as a top level personal trainer, then you might be interested in a day’s internship with me at my private gym here in Sheffield where I will teach you how we achieve these type of results with our clients who will also be the type of clients that YOU work with too.

Differences Between Men and Women For Results

What are the differences between Men and Women when it comes to fat loss, weight loss, transformations and RESULTS?

 Watch this short 2 minute video and I’ll let you know the key points you need to think about when trying to achieve your goals.

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