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How I Am Helping My Clients Lose Weight, Strip Fat and Get Their Body Confidence Back In SPITE of The Lockdown.

Have you found it tough to stay motivated and follow a diet during lockdown?

Most people have!

The stress, worry, anxiety that has followed has taken it's toll on your physical and mental health. But now you're ready to get your fitness and your body confidence back.

How do i know?

Because you're on this page right now which means that you're ready to start building back your fitness and you're looking to lose weight or unwanted body fat.

So if you're new to me, let me introduce myself.

I'm Chris and over the last 15 years, i have built a reputation and a private personal training businesses (CMPGyms) to become known as one of the UK's leading personal trainers for body transformation results.

- I've helped complete beginners, new to gyms and to exercise through people in the public eye who need to be in shape year round. 

Business owners and CEO's to stay at home mums, both with stressors, strains and daily responsibilities

People looking to lose weight for their own body confidence to people looking to get shredded for a photo shoot.

So if there is one thing i know, and know well, it's how to piece together training programs and diet programs to achieve impressive results in short time-frames whilst teaching my clients the skills they need to be in shape for LIFE.

And i'm doing this from the comfort of their homes or home gyms through appointment only ONLINE personal training sessions.

We simply log onto Zoom for your session at your agreed appointment time and get stuck in.

Your programming will be tailored to you as an individual and will be based around your goals.

Here i am to tell you more on the video below.

Here's How Online Personal Training With Me Will Work

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Expectation of Results


Tailored Diet and Exercise Programs


Accountability and Support


Access To A Proven Personal Trainer


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Impressive Results In Even More Impressive Timeframes

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Once your enquiry has been received, we'll be in touch to arrange a telephone consultation to discuss your goals and online personal training packages that are available.

Real People, Real Results!

Chris Mason

Owner of CMPGyms

"Unbelievable transformations are at the very heart of what we do with impressive changes in body fat, lean mass, fitness and the overall well being of each client CMP works with. The sole focus of my business is to provide the platform from which impressive results can be obtained through structured diet and exercise programming in a world where quick fixes, myths and misconceptions and down right fads are promoted more than a results focussed approach to fitness.

Naturally, one my main goals is to help as many people realise their own goals and discover that, actually, a body transformation is more than achievable with the right support and guidance.

I understand that reaching us in our world class private facilities isn't always affordable or reachable. We're known as one of the leading transformation based personal training teams in the UK and, rightly so, our in house fees reflect our portfolio of results, level of service and expertise in the area of impressive body compositional changes.

But, i want to provide you with the opportunity to benefit from the exact systems and methods used at CMP after years of trial and error and hundreds of succesful body transformation clients.

Many of you will have joined gyms, nutritional programs and even hired personal trainers without ever seeing so much as a change in your body when you look in the mirror. I'm here to tell you, and with great conviction, that impressive results are still within your reach if you're dedicated enough to follow through on the proven systems we will share with you.

Before going any further please know this one thing; online coaching is more about you than it is us. We expect a lot from the clients we work with on a daily basis in our transformation programs. Naturally as you're the one driving your results using our services, this expectation increases further when working with us online"

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*DISCLAIMER - Results will vary. Whilst we will give you the tools for success, your results are 100% dependent on the commitment you show them.