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Our world class, private personal gym caters for all types of clients and our aim is to help you achieve the body, health and fitness you can be proud of, no matter your starting position.

We specialize in fat loss, muscle building and body transformations! 

Our culture and environment is focused only on helping you achieve one thing; results.

It's your body, health and fitness. TRANSFORMED.

Here's A Couple Of Results To Get You Started.....

*Craig lost a whopping 52lbs in just 12 weeks of CMP coaching

*Ruth lost 30lbs and three dress sizes to look absolutely amazing at 60!

Andy lost a phenomenal 42lbs and three shirt sizes in just 90 days

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Just Regular People With Busy Lives, Busy Jobs, Families Who Didn't Want To Waste Anymore Time, Money and Effort Not Getting The Results They Deserved

Meet Nicole

Nicole lost her stomach fat and completely revamped her shape in just 12 weeks. Here's Nicole's journey and results

Meet Nick

Nick lost an astonishing 38lbs in 12 weeks of coaching despite being a complete beginner to the gym and struggling for time running his own businesses. Here's Nick's journey and results

Meet Ruth

Ruth lost 30lbs in 30 weeks to look incredible at 60! Here are Ruth's phenomenal results and transformation journey

Meet Lance

Lance lost 31lbs in just 12 weeks of coaching despite going to the gym regularly and following 'popular' diet advice. Lance went on to complete his first ever photo shoot just four weeks later. Here is Lance's incredible transformation journey. 

*Becky overcame injuries and set backs to complete her first ever photoshoot!

*Paul got into the shape of his life in just 90 days!

*Kay completely transformed her problem areas in just 16 weeks.

How Our Transformation Coaching Produces Such Spectacular Results

Proven System For Results

Our Transformation Programming is designed to help maximize your results and produce workouts that actually create changes in your body!

Your programs are created 12 weeks in advance so that you never stagnate and always make progress.

Simply put, we place your results on autopilot and remove the guess work so you can getting with enjoying life.

Tailored Nutritional Plans

Nutrition for fat loss is much more specific than following a 'diet'. And what works now, won't work in four weeks time.

Combined with our Transformation Programming, your nutritional plans are tweaked and changed throughout your coaching to make sure you results are in sight.

Sheffield's #1 Private Personal Training Gym

Our Personal Training gyms are like no other!

Our business is results, not gym memberships and so you're afforded a world class, luxury gym that offers you the chance of getting the most from your personal training transformation sessions without ever wasting your valuable gym time, waiting for equipment or feeling uncomfortable.

*Rachel completed her weightloss journey by getting into a size 10 dress!

*Tim dropped 30lbs and numerous shirt sizes whilst running five business across the UK.

*Matt achieved these incredible results to complete his first ever photoshoot

A Message From Chris

I understand your frustrations in trying to change your body, health and fitness, more so because i've been through every frustration and disappointment in trying to better my own results throughout the last 12 years.

You want to feel better about your body, you want to look in the mirror and like what you see and you want to learn how to get into shape without following a fad diet or quick fix scheme that never works long term.

Which is great because;

At Chris Mason Performance, actual gym results and not gym memberships is our sole focus.


And so I want to offer you the very best in our luxury private gym and i want to give you the tools from our body transformation coaching program to be able to achieve head turning results and remove the frustration and disappointment that you're feeling each time you try to get into shape.

I can't wait to see you join the hundreds of others who've used our personal training services to transform their confidence, happiness, body and their lives!



*Fahmi lost a whole lot of belly fat and completely changed shape!

*Mike got visible abs by lifting weights in the program in just 8 weeks!

*Lisa dopped 37lbs and four dress sizes in 7 months!

I can't tell you that it is going to be easy, but i can guarantee it will be worth it

The one thing that you want right now is to see an improvement in your body and be happy when you look in the mirror. Without a doubt, one of the hardest challenges that you face is changing the habits of a lifetime and breaking away from the same old weight loss routine you find yourself in everytime you've reached that point where you've had enough.

Well let me tell you why it doesn't have to be this hard.

I've spent the last ten years constantly evaluating how we help our clients achieve results and because of that we have one of the strongest portfolios of client success stories and transformations in the U.K. and we have trained every client imaginable and helped them achieve outstanding results *if* they have put the work in. 

And that's the most important part of getting results.......YOU.

So if you're ready to finally achieve the results you have always wanted, get in touch with us today.

South Yorkshire's Best Private and Appointment Only Gym

Here's What Some Of Our Other Transformers Had To Say About The CMP Transformation Program

*Haran completed his first ever photoshoot, producing these results in 12 weeks

*Jay achieved these incredible results in 12 weeks of our body transformation program.

*Liam lost 29lbs in 12 weeks following our results based system!


*DISCLAIMER - Results will vary. Whilst we will give you the tools for success, your results are 100% dependent on the commitment you show them.